Dear Awesome Person,

Did you know that *at this very minute* a battle is brewing between two of the most awesome people on the planet?  No, not Hillary Duff and Pauly Shore.  This battle is between William Shatner and The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson.

Please visit @mayopie‘s blog to get the latest details about the war.  I would post something more interesting but I’m tired because I’ve had terrible dreams the last several nights and William Shatner is to blame.  Seriously.

To join in the fight please help us tell the “truth” about William Shatner on Twitter using the hashtag #unblockthebloggess and/or email Stephen Colbert (colbertweb@gmail.com).  Feel free to tell himI’m awesome.  Or not.  It’s up to you.

Love Always,

Chuck Norris (that’s my code name in the #unblockthebloggess movement)


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4 Responses to “#unblockthebloggess”

  1. the Provident Woman Says:

    blogging wars. what’s more fun to interfere in?

  2. Bennie Says:

    I think I might love you even though I’m married. You now have a new follower too so please don’t block me. I’ll provide you with hookers and beer just like our friend Jenny. (code name Ricky Bobby).

  3. Mr Farty Says:

    You have a T Rex and Elvis in a gold lamé suit? Awesome.

    –The Wookie (who can’t spell Choobacka) #ba

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