Can you even mount spurs on 3″ heels? I hope so.

Conversation I had with one of my awesome coworkers today:

Backstory: coworker left his keys at home today. I have a key for everyone on my team’s desks so I handed him my giant key ring. He was shaking it while walking back to my desk where the following conversation took place.

Coworker: These keys sound like spurs.

Me: Dude. We should have spurs around here.

Coworker: uh……….?

Me: No. Seriously. Think about it. You’re in a meeting and it’s running long and you want to go to lunch. So you’re all “Pick up the pace, buddy!” and then they’re all “You’re not the boss of me!” and then you’ll be all like “these motherfucking spurs say I AM the boss of you. WHAT NOW!?!” and then you put your foot up on the table and look all menacing. Brilliant, right!?!

Coworker: This is why I like coming over here.

And then he walked away. I’m pretty sure he left to go find some spurs. I didn’t hear any ‘ching-ching-ching’ as he walked by later so I assume he bought his on the Internet and is waiting for them to be shipped.

I looked when I was at the store earlier but can you believe it? Fucking Wal-Mart doesn’t even carry spurs. What kind if crap is that!?! ‘One Stop Shop’? I don’t think so. You’ve let me down, Wal-Mart. Seriously. I don’t care that I live in an urban area with very few people that could see the potential benefit of wearing spurs in the office. It’s not MY fault that other people don’t have the kind of brilliance I do.

One Response to “Can you even mount spurs on 3″ heels? I hope so.”

  1. zoerights Says:

    Freakin’ brilliant- that’s why they pay you the big bucks right?

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